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Excellent Email Marketing To Schools

There are lots of competing products to our school email service available at all sorts of prices. However, the CT Consultancy service stays so far our in the lead because of the unparalleled quality of our education sector database.

This is THE leading way to break your company into the vast British education marketplace

Our service combines amazingly precise data for each school with a real understanding of what makes schools buy from the private sector.

Over 50,000 Establishments

An astonishly large & receptive marketplace

Education, including government spending, takes up more than 13% of everything the country produces. Around half of these establishments are owned by the public sector, the rest are in the private sector. UK schools will spend in excess of £3 billion with businesses – an average spend per public sector school of around £100,000.

3 Year Budget Plans

A group of customer who know how much they can spend

Schools are given 3 year budget plans. Heads, deputy heads, managers, administrators and heads of departments know how much they have to spend. They know they have to spend it by the end of the year. You can position your business to take advantage of the huge spending hikes in Sep/Oct and Mar/Apr of each year

A Non-Price-Sensitive, Open Marketplace

Schools choose by quality, not by price

In primary schools, all spending decisions are taken by the headteacher in consultation with colleagues. In secondary schools, each department has their own budget and autonomy. In many schools, the business manager is a super-spender. This is a market which isn't interested in suppliers racing to the bottom.

Schools Talk To Each Other

You've got every chance of benefiting from the "cascade effect"

Do a good job for a school and they'll tell other schools about you. If the school is part of a "cluster", your name will get around even faster. If the school is part of an academy group, you might end up on up to 60 schools' supplier books. It doesn't stop there either. Schools talk to councils and the wider public sector.

32,000 email addresses plus at least one free ultra-professional email design

Email marketing pieces specifically written and designed to appeal to school heads, teachers and leaders

Mobile Responsive Emails

With over half of school emails now being read on mobile phones or tablets, our email designs for you will be perfect, whatever platform they're received on.

Beautiful Design

It's the words and the structure that count more but your email will look stunning. It will really showcase your brand and your superb company.

Incisive, Engaging, Attention-Grabbing Text

Over the years, we've found the best ways to address school heads, teachers and leaders in text. We'll use everything we know on your campaign.

Winning The Prize

There's no point making a beautiful email with strong, credible and confident text at the front without one of CT Consultancy's amazingly strong calls to action.

CT Consultancy School Emails - Facts & Figures

The very latest data updated in September 2016.

Secondary Schools


Secondary School Emails


Secondary School Heads


Secondary School Pupil Premium


Primary Schools


Primary School Emails


Primary School Heads


Primary School Pupil Premium

Added Extras For Our School Email Customers

Providing you with world-class data is just the beginning. What else do you get as part of the price?
Up to 4 free £100 email designs
Take advantage of our creative team

Every customer buying this super-accurate, carefully-compiled and market-leading database benefits from at least one free £100 email design. Your email will look brilliant and work on every platform. It will use strong, attention-grabbing words. It will ask the recipient to contact you . Our creative team are waiting to work with you now.

Up to 12 email broadcasts free
Taking care of you after your order

On our Gold, Silver and Bronze packages, your company gets up to 12 email broadcasts free to the schools on the database. Each campaign will be followed by an in-depth but easy-to-understand report showing you how successful your campaign was.

Your loyalty is rewarded by deep discounts on other CT Consultancy products
We work so hard after your first order to win your trust and ongoing support

Once a customer begins their marketing journey with us, so many of them stay and order from us again and again. When you've got to know us and how we tick, you'll appreciate just how special and different our team are.

Knowledgable, committed, professional account manager
Someone on your side who really knows about the school market

The schools marketplace is a wonderful place to be for our customers. We love schools. We want to make sure your world-class products and services are presented in the most effective way so schools really benefit from working with you.

Our brilliant prices

Four world-class service levels for customers of all sizes. Our telemarketing services can be added to the packages below. Call us for details.

The Database Package

Starter pack
£ 499all 32,000
This is just the package is you're confident in doing your own direct marketing
  • 12 months' updates & usage
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Free email design worth £100

10,000-25,000 emails

Bronze Service
£ 699all 32,000
We'll do your first two email campaigns to schools with the Bronze service
  • 12 months' updates & usage
  • Free email design worth £100
  • First 2 email transmissions free

25,001-50,000 emails

Silver Service
£ 899all 32,000
Up to 6 broadcasts to schools and 2 designs in the next 12 months with the Silver service
  • 12 months' updates & usage
  • Two free email design worth £200
  • 6 email transmissions free

More than 50,000 emails

Gold Service
£ 1,099all 32,000
All the data, four email designs and twelve transmissions in our Gold package
  • 12 months' updates & usage
  • Four free email design worth £200
  • 12 email transmissions free

The four main reasons companies choose our education email marketing service


school office email addresses

That's complete coverage of the UK's most transparent marketplace


plus info fields per school

Even down to the value of cleaning budgets!


different types of schools

Target just the schools you want with the easy-to-use search function


Free email design worth £100

Amazing, beautiful, responsive and specifically written for schools

Choose CT Consultancy for your school marketing

We're so experienced at helping British businesses sell into the huge and growing school sector.