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Precise public sector email marketing

Looking to get into the public sector for the first time and need help? Alternatively, are you looking for an alternative data and support provider? CT Consultancy's service is suitable for all companies, particularly SMEs.

Our stunning database contains over 118,000 public sector buyers. Our world-class service helps you communicate with them in the very best way.

Work with CT Consultancy to get your business seen and talked about by the most important decision-making spenders in councils, the NHS, central government and more.

The real depth of our public sector email database

Better still, it's updated on a four-month cycle for ultra-accuracy

local government officer emails


local government councillor emails


care home emails


NHS manager emails


parish councillor emails


FE & HE emails


dentist emails


GP surgery & CCG emails


central government emails


housing association emails


MP emails


% minimum accuracy

What you need to know about selling into the public sector

Public Sector Buyers Like Choice!

They want to hear from new suppliers every day

It's never been easier to become a supplier to the public sector. It's easier because contracts are more publicised than even before. It's easier because public sector buyers are now encouraged to recruit SMEs like yours as trusted and valuable suppliers.

How The Public Sector Buys

An ongoing quest to make it easier for you

A lot of purchases NEVER even go to tender. The public sector tries to avoid tenders as much as they can. They're expensive, complicated and take so much time up. For lower-priced products & services they need now, they'll just buy it. Make sure they know who you are!

How Do Buyers Like To Be Contacted?

The answer is so simple it might just surprise you

Email and post. It's that straightforward. Your emails and letters will get across the important and valuable information the buyers need to know about your company. Only think about making phone calls after they've got back in touch. The soft approach works really well.

Make Your Company Irresistable

Value means more than price - presenting your value

Public sector buyers spend the public's money. They don't want to make a mistake. A mistake may blight a career. Take every chance you can for buyers to discover and understand your brand. Mention your trade organisation memberships. Testimonials build real credibility.

Over 118,000 email addresses - one great design service from our in-house professionals

Email marketing pieces specifically written and designed to appeal to school heads, teachers and leaders

Emails That Work Everywhere

The majority of emails sent to professionals within both the public and private sector are read on smartphones. Your email will work on any device it's read on.

Stunning Visuals

The design will do everything you want it to. It'll match your branding - colours, fonts and more. It will convey the supreme professionalism of your company.

Text That Makes Buyers Sit Up

The design will be stunning - the words will be engaging. Public sector buyers respond to particular types of "voice" in emails. Let us write brilliant words for you.

Winning The Prize

Your email will show just how responsive and customer-driven you are. It lets them know that, when they pick up the phone or send you an email, you will really look after them.

More for our public sector data customers

Providing you with world-class data is just the beginning. What else do you get as part of the price?
£100 free email design
Designed from the start to get responses

There's 118,000+ opportunites on our public sector database for you to make new contacts and win new orders. CT Consultancy will construct a beautiful email design with engaging words and a strong call to action. Everything about your email will be specifically tailored to getting responses from public sector buyers.

Free email broadcast
Sending your design out to the public sector buyers

On all of our exclusive packages, your company gets an email broadcast sent free to the buyers on the bespoke database you've purchased. Your campaign is followed by an in-depth but easy-to-understand report showing you how successful your campaign was.

Discounts on other CT Consultancy products
Once you've experienced our service, discounts when you come back

We're the most focused company you'll ever work with on customer satisfaction. We pride ourselves on the deep and mutually-beneficial relationships we have with people who buy from us. When you come back for more data, 

Knowledgable, committed, professional account manager
There's a marketing professional waiting to answer your email and calls

You'll always be looked after by your account manager. They know you, they know your company, they know what you want to achieve with your business. They're your first and best point of contact at CT Consultancy. 

Priced to make you more money

The lowest rates in the industry for public sector data of this amazing quality. Our telemarketing services can be added to the packages below. Call us for details.

Up to 10,000 emails

Starter pack
£ 275per 1,000
  • 12 months' updates & usage
  • 1 free email broadcast
  • Free email design worth £100

10,000-25,000 emails

Bronze Service
£ 245per 1,000
  • 12 months' updates & usage
  • 1 free email broadcast
  • Free email design worth £100

25,001-50,000 emails

Silver Service
£ 215per 1,000
  • 12 months' updates & usage
  • 1 free email broadcast
  • Free email design worth £100

More than 50,000 emails

Gold Service
£ 195per 1,000
  • 12 months' updates & usage
  • 1 free email broadcast
  • Free email design worth £100

The top four reasons our public sector data is so good


public sector buyer emails

The most comprehensive marketing snapshot of the public sector


plus info fields per contact

It's vitally important you get every bit of information per contact we have


different types of service

Care homes, councils, NHS and more - broken down by service


Free email design worth £100

Amazing, beautiful, responsive and specifically written for schools

CT Consultancy & your public sector marketing

Trust our team to take your company to Britain's public sector organisations