White papers - one of B2B's most powerful marketing tools

Ideally suited to content/inbound marketing on complex or expensive products/services, white papers enhance your company's credibility and give you the opportunity to collect decision-maker contact details for later sales pitches

Why do B2B firms use white papers?

White papers are written like articles you see in an industry journal

They are generally 8-12 pages long but can be much longer

They're there to help the reader gain greater understanding...

...they focus on facts, rely on statistics and reach conclusions

Read by IT, medical, technical, telecom managers & consultants

Often used to help develop a short list of companies for future big orders

Also read to help firms stay on top of new trends & make comparisons

Very effective tool for driving interest and capturing buyer information

Planning and writing

What are white papers? One thing they're definitely not are brochures. A white paper is not designed to sell a product or a service. If a brochure is 10 out of 10 for trying to sell things, a white paper is 0 out of 10.

So what's its value then? It's there to relay information while at the same time subtly establishing the credibility of the company distributing it. White papers are generally downloaded and, at the point of download, that's when you can collect a potential buyer's contact details.

It all starts with the planning. Here are the things we'll consult with you on at the beginning of the process...

What are your company goals with the white paper and how can we write it to align with those goals? This is a biggie. Your white paper has to back up the argument you want to make by facts, figures, statistics, and industry quotes. 

What's the average working day like for the recipient? Even though white papers can stretch to dozens of pages, you know your target customers better than anyone else. How much spare time during the day would they have to read and digest a white paper? Let's make sure it's the right length to be read in full.

At what part of the sales process would you deploy your white paper? Is it to find new enquiries? Is it to help during a complicated sales process? Let us know and we'll write it in the best way to encourage or enhance interest.

Getting the word out - distribution

Everything starts with you. What do you want the white paper to do? Is it for lead generation, publicity or part of an involved sales process?

Who's going to read it? If it's there to generate leads from potential customers, what level are these enquirers at within their organisations? If it's for sales reps, under what circumstances will they be presenting it and at what stage of the sale?

Lots of questions so there's always much to consider. We find the following four approaches are a good starting point for getting your white paper seen by as many of the right people as possible...

Promotion on your own website and on email signatures - White papers provide website visitors with a great reason to leave their details for future contact. In the course of your everyday operations, get your sales and after-sales teams to publicise your white paper with a customised email signature inviting people to download it.

Press releases and PR - preferably with the help of your in-house PR or your external PR contractor, contact trade magazines and websites with a precis of your white paper.

Email marketing (purchased and in-house lists) - white papers can re-ignite interest in both your company and what it sells with a well-written summary sent to your customers and prospects. Extract even more value by purchasing a list of potential targets to publicise your white paper. 

Your blog, guest blogs, and LinkedIn posts - use your blog to get readers to download your white paper. Better still, ask for a guest article spot on a highly-thought-of and relevant blog to get the message out to a wider audience. And LinkedIn is a superb venue to achieve even greater reach.

Why choose us for your white paper?

Great, legible design

Your white paper will look exactly the way that your readers expect it to look

Simple structure, simple words

Short sentences, short paragraphs. Easy-to-read, digestable, interesting blocks of text.

Fully researched with citations...

...whatever conclusion you want your white paper to come to

Free landing page design

Using proven, successful techniques to encourage download

Written by an expert

From our network of professional writers, we'll find exactly the right author for your project

Unlimited revisions

We know how important this it to you so we keep working until you sign it off

Thoroughly-researched, credibility-building writing for informed audiences

With your white paper, it's absolutely imperative to choose the correct writer. Someone with experience, background, knowledge, and credibility in your chosen sector. The Copy Writing Project Ltd's greatest selling point is the expertise of the writers it has in-house and as part of its wider network.

White papers can take 2-6 weeks of planning, researching, and writing before sign-off point is reached. It's a real and significant investment for your company and it has to achieve the aims you set out for it. We completely understand that and will be with you on every step of the journey. 

Get in touch to find out more on 0330 010 3495 or email mark@thecopywritingproject.co.uk

The Copy Writing Project Founder, Mark Fairlie

White paper copy writing

White paper copy writing

£2,000 .00

• Everything included - including research time and costs (subject to initial consultation), copywriting, imagery (also subject to initial consultation) and professional formatting (for digital and/or print distribution). Up to 24 pages (including covers) included in the cost.

100% written to industry standards - by one of our network of experts across multiple sectors

Included landing page - to help with your successful distribution, we'll write 3 compelling landing pages for A/B comparison testing

Blog post - to promote the publication of your white paper that can also be posted on LinkedIn

• External proof-reading include

Unlimited revisions - we won't stop working on your white paper until you're 100% satisfied

• Credit & debit card and bank transfer payment accepted - 50% payment in advance, 25% on production of first draft, 25% on production of signed-off, final version

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