Who doesn't look at a website to find out more?

Hardly anyone. Your website is your big shop window. It gives you legitimacy and makes people trust you. BUT, well over half of website visitors leave your site after seeing just one of your pages. Great copy writing keeps them reading.

8 reasons to make website copy the centre of your marketing activity

Google loves well-written website copy using the right keywords

People choose Google's natural results over adverts so...

...it's much better to invest in great copy than paid online advertising

We write your web copy to make it attractive to Google

Now that people find you, the next job is to keep them on your site

50%+ visitors leave after spending 8 seconds on one page

When we write for you, we want visitors to read 3-5 pages because...

...on average, 47% of your visitors will then get in touch to find out more

What aren't visitors finding to keep them on your site?

More than anything, people feel that the content on a site doesn't relate to them and who they are. There's nothing that says on the page that "you know what problem I'm having and you've got the know-how to help me solve it".

It's easily enough done. As business owners, most of us are too close to the company to see what's really great about it. That's where copywriters come in. We boil everything down so that it answers the one question your visitors want answering - "what's in this for me?"

There are some things that we avoid like the plague when writing website copy for customers. Four really common things are...

"More about you than me" - there's ways and means to build credibility on a website. In fact, credibility-building is a must. But company-centred, self-congratulatory copy leaves just about everyone cold.

Wrong tone - here at The Copy Writing Project, we love America. Amazing country. But they have their own way of doing things. Superlative-crammed, shouty web copy isn't particularly attuned to British ears. Also, boring copy, endless copy, and bulletpointed copy. They're real turn-offs.

Spelling mistakes and poor grammar - you'd honestly be surprised how many people get hot under the collar about this. Just read the Guardian newspaper's comment section. And when it comes to misplaced apostrophes, that's a whole new battle!

Keyword stuffing - ever read a webpage and wondered why some of the language seems stilted? More often than not, it's to appeal to Google. It's all well and good being found on search engines but visitors really don't like being subjected to constant word and phrase repetition.

The way we'd do your website copy

When someone calls a plumber because their pipes have sprung a leak, the person calling is in the market. They're looking for help. And they want someone they like and trust to help them solve their plumbing issue.

That's the way we think about visitors to your website. A visit is a request for information. They need or want something. You don't get found on the internet by accident. As soon as your visitor lands on your site, this is what we want for them and for you...

Find out who they are - your visitor might not be in the market right now, but it's good for both of you if you know who each other is. We'll encourage them to leave their contact details. When you have these, you can email them on a regular basis with news, offers, and updates. Email is really powerful for building loyalty, trust, and a proper connection.

Try to bring forward their buying decision - making a sale in six months' time is great but it'd be even better now. We'll work with you to find ways to reward and incentivise your visitor so that they make a proper enquiry straight away. There's loads of ways to do this - we just need to find the one that suits you and your business.

A great "About Us" page and a few testimonials or case studies - an engaging, well-written "About Us" page is actually an attention-grabbing "How We Can Help You" page - it's about you but in the context of your visitor. A few testimonials and, even better, case studies are proven ways to make a hugely positive difference to how people view your firm. 

Yours is a voice they can trust - people are always wary buying from or even enquring to companies they don't know. Throughout your entire website, on every page, your expertise, your professionalism, your commitment to the customer and more leap out at the visitor.

How to make every page readable & engaging

Powerful headlines

At the top of every page, we give great reasons for visitors to find out more

Can be speed-read

Break up the page and the paragraphs so those short on time get the picture

Scarcity and urgency

Make visitors feel as if they don't get in touch now, they might just miss out

Simple structure, simple words

Short sentences, short paragraphs. Conversational, friendly and authoritative.

Tell stories, make it relatable

Involve your visitors, demonstrate your abilities, back up what you say

A very strong close

Reinforce the message that this offer is here now and they need to take advantage.

20 years of writing words that drive sales enquiries


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years' experience for our company MD

Website copy that informs, educates, engages, and prompts immediate contact

Spend money with the right copywriter improving your website and it's money you'll earn back time and again.

Writing website copy is a precise and exacting art - it's probably the hardest copy to write well. You're dealing with impatient visitors who want to know everything straight away. You've got to make them stop, grab their attention, and take them with you on a journey.

Nearly half of all web visitors ONLY make contact after they've read 3-5 pages on your website. They've scoped you out a bit and feel like they can trust you to help them. That's exactly the type of writing we produce for customers.

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The Copy Writing Project Founder, Mark Fairlie

Website copy writing

Website copy writing

£35 .00 per page (minimum order £175)

A fully bespoke website copy writing plan - let us know what you want your website to achieve for your business and we'll come up with a plan to acheive it

100% written from the ground up with NO template usage - everything will be completely unique to your business

• Benefit from the experience of working with someone who has written marketing copy for 20 years for 17,500 businesses

• External proof-reading included free

Unlimited revisions - we won't stop working on each of your web pages until you're 100% satisfied

• Credit & debit card and bank transfer payment accepted

Offer ends at 5pm on Friday 7th July, 2017

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