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Writing that makes your customers & audience sit up, read and react. Add real value to your website, your newsletters and your LinkedIn status with world-class insights, discoveries and anecdotes. Just £400 per month for 12 articles/posts.

Expert, experienced writing across eight massive, important areas of business and marketing

Each article is crammed full of knowledge, advice, anecdotes, real world experiences and more. Incredibly readable, they'll attract new customers to your site and keep them coming back week after week.
Email Marketing articles & blog posts


Email marketing blog posts

Superb writing & experience gained from 17,500 customers in 400 different sectors. Amazingly effective tips, tricks and techniques your readers will benefit hugely from. My experience will give your site or blog an enormous credibility power boost.

Direct mail & postal marketing articles & blog posts


Direct mail & postal marketing blog posts

Attention-grabbing, useful information about resurgent postal marketing on your website. A must-have for your customers and followers to win new business. Our profit-centred, technique-rich writing will inspire your customers to keep using your company.

Telemarketing and telesales articles & blog posts


Telemarketing and telesales blog posts

The best telephone marketing & sales articles for your website, blog and LinkedIn followers. You can choose from hundreds of potential topics, including how to get telesales people firing on all cylinders and getting them selling like they've never sold before.

Sales management and sales training articles & blog posts


Sales management blog posts

Learn everything I’ve learned about turning a disorganised, unmotivated “sales” team into sales powerhouses with great scripts, opening hypes, buzzwords and much much more. This intriguing and proven insight will be fantastic for your website.

Customer data and data protection articles & blog posts


Customer data and data protection

Revealing customer and prospect data tips and techniques to make mega-profits. I’ve worked with customer data all of my professional life. I know how to turn those fields on an Excel spreadsheet into huge returns. It costs far less to convert an existing customer or prospect into a brand new order than finding someone from scratch.

Running a business blog articles and blog posts


Running a business blog posts

Being in charge of your own destiny brings lots of rewards and lots of pitfalls. You have to be on top of everything. You went into business because you're world-class at one or two things. No-one told you you'd have to master dozens of different disciplines to keep the show on the road. This is the very best information around.

Growing a business articles & blog posts


Growing a business blog posts

Fantastic insights, tips, tricks and techniques on how to grow your small business safely and in super-quick time. Action-orientated, amazingly clear articles on everything from selecting the right business structure & staff to raising orders values & business loans. I expanded my business 683% in 5 years - I'll tell your readers exactly how.

Selling your business articles and blog posts


Selling your business blog posts

What really happens when you sell your business? What is the process? What can come and trip you up? What can make you want to throw the towel in? I never ever imagined in my wildest dreams that selling a business would be so tiring, frustrating and exhausting. Add surprising insights about what really goes on to your site.

Six huge reasons why our articles will always outperform everybody else's


Real life experience

All of the topics I write about - I have nearly 20 years’ experience in them all. This is information, guidance, and anecdotes on a huge range of topics written by a proven, successful businessperson. Nothing beats authenticity.


Information you can use

Blog posts and articles have to have a point. It’s deeply frustrating for an engaged, knowledge-seeking reader to go through an article without a conclusion. Everything I write will have tangible benefits with a tight close-off for your valued readers.


Employer & business friendly

I write for the employer, for the business person, for the entrepreneur. They’re my people & my customers. It’s only their benefit I’m bothered about. It’s lonely and tough running a business. It’s so good to have real, experienced back-up right there on hand.


Superb writing style

I love writing articles that grab you, shake you up a bit, and make you think. What I’ll pen for you will have amazing flow, a great narrative, and humour where necessary. People will seek out your articles time & again.


Give your company a striking voice

I spent 20 years showing companies how to make money. I love it. I’m passionate and unashamed about being only motivated by you raking profit in. I’ll give your website & blog a credible, believable voice that customers really relate to.


My articles are there to make you money

I’ll show you the very best ways to make money from the brilliant articles you buy from me. There’s money in great writing. And it’s surprisingly easy to make. Choose me and you’ll get to know everything I know. That’s 100% certain.

Why choose me to write your articles?

I'm Mark Fairlie. I have lived, loved and breathed business since 1998. At the age of 24, I set up what was to become one of the UK's most admired, respected and largest B2B direct marketing companies. After giving all I could give and after getting a great offer from an interested party, I sold up in October 2015. You can read more about me and my background here. 

I love business. It’s in my blood. Even when I hate it, even when we had a bad sales month, even dealing with insanely petty squabbles between staff members, I’d never choose to be anywhere else than captain of my own ship.

I am unemployable. I couldn’t stand taking orders from people who didn’t know as much as me or have the creativity I bring to making sales and solving problems.

Does that sound familiar? I bet it does. It certainly did to the 17,500 superb people running companies who chose me to do their marketing at my old firm. 

You and I – we’re not alone. There are millions like us. When I write, that experience - the businessperson's point of view - comes oozing through the text. The person reading it on your website will know that this is a person that needs listening to. And the person they’ll listen to is – YOU!

It’s your article. It’s your blog. It’s your website. Every piece I ever write for you will belong to you and be credited to you. For your website visitors, followers, and customers, this is your voice.

You’ll find me great fun to work with and incredibly professional. I’ve got 20 years of experience, knowledge and insight in my head to share. Better still, I’ll show you how to massively raise your profile and your sales over time with my articles.

Call me now on 0330 010 3495 for more, or email me on

Our ratecard

Credibility-building articles and blog posts from an industry leader with enormous experience and success in email marketing, direct mail marketing, telemarketing, sales management, customer data, data protection, and all the must-know aspects of running, growing, and selling a business.


£ 170
One article per week
  • 500 words minimum
  • Topic chosen by you or us
  • SEO-friendly but totally natural to read
  • Free BigStockPhoto image per article


£ 300
Two articles per week
  • 500 words minimum per article
  • Topics chosen by you or us
  • SEO-friendly but totally natural to read
  • Free BigStockPhoto image per article


£ 400
Three articles per week
  • 500 words minimum per article
  • Topics chosen by you or us
  • SEO-friendly but totally natural to read
  • Free BigStockPhoto image per article


£ 480
Four articles per week
  • 500 words minimum per article
  • Topics chosen by you or us
  • SEO-friendly but totally natural to read
  • Free BigStockPhoto image per article

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Your time is massively important

I won't miss a deadline. Your customers, subscribers & LinkedIn followers will always see the articles I write for you when you've told them to expect it.

Money-Back Guarantee

You must LOVE my work

If one of my articles doesn't cut the mustard for you and there's no way we can revive it, another one written for free or your money back for that article.

Real Intelligence & Passion

From someone who's been through it

Where applicable, and that's in nearly all cases, articles will be written from the viewpoint of someone who's been through that exact experience.

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