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About Us

Why should you use CT Consultancy?

A dedicated, record-beating, professional sales rep since 1995 for my employers. It's time now to offer world-class services direct to businesses like yours.

I cut my teeth in on-the-page and direct marketing sales - two of the hardest skillsets to master in professional selling

What we do

Brand Awareness

Market Research

Event Promotion

Sales Training

B2B Email Databases

Telephone Appointment Setting

School Email Databases

Public Sector Databases

The three big things working with me will bring you

I Will Tell People About You

Finally, All The Right People Will Know About You

The Internet offers a huge number of ways to be found. But nothing works better than a brilliant introductory email or phone call.

I Will Really Sell Trust In You

I Won't Do Anything To Damage Your Brand & Good Name

Trust underpins everything important in business. No-one will better get across just what a great company you are staffed by such great people.

I Am Not Afraid Of Asking For The Business

Buying From You Is A Smart Decision

We'll be friendly. We'll be fun. We'll be pleasantly stubborn when it comes to making sure that our contact with a potential client is the start of something big..

The number one reason to work with CT Consultancy

I love selling. I get a real buzz out of getting a "yes" when, before, it was a "no" or a "maybe".

I'm really good at selling. I'm really good at selling my customers. I'm certain that my experience, insight and ability will transform the way you look for new business. I'm even more certain your first order will not be your only order. Get in touch today.

Making money for clients is the reason we're here. You have my personal guarantee we will leave no stone unturned in our relentless pursuit of new sales and new customers for your company. We will do so with honesty, integrity, transparency, and sheer belief in your business and what it sells.

Call 0330 010 2379 or use the form below to start our sales journey together

Put me to work for your business